A Mini-Tutorial of Sorts
Follow the comic from start to finish!*

This is an extremely rough guide to how each comic is made. Like, caveman rough. Each step has its own page, and you can just click through all the steps once you start on one of them. I don't necessarily do things in this order all the time... it felt really unnatural trying to do things in a set order for this tutorial. XD; It was weird... I don't think I would make a good teacher. Anyway... have fun!

By way of general info, these were made in Painter Classic, using an airbrush. The text in the later steps is applied in Photoshop.

1 The layout
2 The gesture drawings
3 The lineart
4 The cleaning of lineart
5 The easy part (a.k.a., covered in black stuff)
6 The cleaning of the black stuff
7 The toning
8 The shadening part 1
9 The shadening part 2
10 The details
11 The text
12 The text bubbles part 1
13 The text bubbles part 2
14 The finished product!

*followability not guaranteed

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