Step 3 - The Lineart

Okay, that was a big jump. I'm not very good at showing how to draw from gesture drawings though. As you can see, I don't follow them very well myself. :( I'm ashamed... If you want to know how to draw faces and eyes and specific things like that, I'd suggest looking up much better artists who are better at explaining that than me. XD; It's hard to teach when you don't follow the rules you're trying to explain...! Seriously though, there are tons of tutorials like that out there. Googling should serve you well.

Really though, drawing the lineart mostly comes down to how well you know your characters. If you look at Hassan in the fourth panel, for instance, you can see that not many lines were used, especially in the hair around his face. I know the basic shape of his hair pretty well since I've drawn him so many times, so it's easy to do in a few lines for me. If you keep drawing your own characters frequently, you get to know the things that make them look unique, and get familiar with them, and so it becomes easier to make them look like themselves after a while.

I try to make the lines as smooth as possible, and with few details, like a colouring book. Putting in the detail comes later.

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