__Characters of Vampirates__

Clyde Callaghan

Nova Scotian teenager willingly kidnapped by pirates. Also, baby vampire. Aww.

Likes: You, probably.
Dislikes: Boredom. D:

Patrick Murphy

Died and had a famously terrible funeral, immortalized in folk songs. Don't remind him.

Likes: Alcohol.
Dislikes: You, probably.
Hassan Qasim

Vampirate first mate who has been wronged by his captain. Finds murder to be an acceptable retort.

Likes: You. In that way. Wink.
Dislikes: Saskatchewan

Ira Robertson

A spy and assassin in the employ of Tractor Jack. Not very good at his job.

Likes: Lying, cheating, stealing
Dislikes: Hassan, mostly.

Remy Rousseau

Ex-first mate to Tractor Jack. Wife of Ira. Totally wears the pants.

Likes: Fucking you up
Dislikes: Peace and quiet


Cpt. John "Tractor Jack" Allan

The Last Saskatchewan Pirate. Except for where he recruited a bunch of others.

Likes: Being an asshole
Dislikes: Being nice?


Who the hell is this?

Likes: Being creepy.
Dislikes: Being in this comic.

The Villain

You totally don't know who it is.

Likes: Killing stuff.
Dislikes: Not being seen yet.