About Vampirates!

___So ... Vampirates ... WTF?___

WTF indeed. I'm certainly not the first person to have come to the fantastic
conclusion that if you say "vampire" and "pirate" in the same sentence enough
times, it leads to coinage of the term "vampirate". Some guy made a movie (or was
going to make a movie) about Blackbeard as a vampirate, I think. In conclusion, I
did invent the term on my lonesome, but so did lots of other people, so I can't
really claim it. :(

___So ... this comic thing ... why?___

I have no answer. :( It was partly an excuse to use lots of stupid jokes about
vampirates. I knew why the characters had to be pirates, for the story, but
not why they had to be vampires. Partly to use the word. Partly as an excuse
to put the dead Pat Murphy in the story.

___Dead Pat Murphy?

Ask and ye shall receive.

___When are these updates?___

Sunday and Wednesday, usually by evening.

___So this comic thing ... Isn't it very ... Canadian?___

Coincidenally, I am also very Canadian. I've only personally been to a
few of the provinces the vampirates will visit, though, so all I have to go
on is internet research for lots of stuff (or asking people I know who've
been there). So if you're from some place that they visit and go, "Hey,
that's ... stupid!" you can rest easy knowing that I probably screwed up
lots of other places too (including my own). The bottom line? It's all in good fun.

___How do I contact you?___

Email: jonesinspace( at )gmail( dot )com ... but I'm very unreliable. ;_; Sorry...
LJ: helltown
Forums: Jones
Y!Gallery: jonesinspace

Also, I wait outside your window while you sleep. Leave me a note.

___You're weird.